Saturday, June 4, 2011

Step by step car Insurance Guide | Procedure for car Insurance

(1) First thing is to Identify your vehicle and then providing all the following details to your Insurance provider, This identification can be done with following
a) Maker of the car
b) Model of the car
c) VIN No. Vehicle Identification No. of car
d) Registration No.
e) Engine, Horse Power
f) Color

(2) second important thing is Knowing the terms and conditions of Insurance agreement. It s very important to read carefully all the details mentioned in car insurance policy statement. Because there are some hidden term that usually not discussed while the agreement is being made but can play important role at the stage of claim settlement.

(3) Knowing the monetary value of risk the company is going to insure. when people apply for insurance the usually do not look for the total value of risk they are going to insure. It became important on the time of claim settlement when insured ask for settlement and insurer tell him/her that company is bounded by total value of risk that is covered not the every thing on current market price in the car.

(4) Premium. Premium of the policy matters alot because it is the biggest amount you have to pay to insurance company at the start.

(5) Value Addition. It is the addition in your policy. If you want to an extra benefit in your policy then you have to pay an additional premium to enjoy the benefit, for example if you want to change your car or you have added an high class sound system and want to include that in your car insurance coverage you have to pay an additional premium.
If you have reduced the value of your car for example you have sold high quality alloy rims and added simple rims to your car your insurer will be bound to pay back to you premium included for those rims in insurance coverage policy.



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