Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Auto Insurance for 17 years old

Getting Auto Insurance for a 17 year old depends upon laws being practiced in different states. In most states and countries 17 year old is allowed to drive but according to insurance companies 17 years old can not enter in to a insurance contract. I f a 17 years old want insurance it must be with permission of parents and parents must sign contract to validate it. Insurance costs depends on company to company.It is expected that Insurance premium and costs would be very high for a 17 years old.

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Auto Insurance Payments and Claim Receipts tax issues

while getting Claim settlement receipts from Auto Insurance companies is whether what amount they are receiving is taxable or non taxable. Auto insurance claim settlement payments are non taxable. You can get settlements from insurance provider in forms of,1) Repairing or replacing your car, 2) Medical expenses if you need medical treatment or rehabilitation treatment due to a car-related injury, 3) Replacement services (housekeeping, child care, elderly care). This is for things you used to do but cannot do now due to your injury.
Car Insurance payments are not taxable because they are compensation for your loss and intended to retrieve back your previous financial position not as a addition in your financial standings. Insurance claim settlement payments are not income so there is no tax payment on them. These claims settlements are generally not taxable, you should report what you receive to the IRS. You just need to report your claims payment as income.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Financial calculations on your windows PC & mobile Loan, payments, Auto Insurance

Download Application that assist you in your financial calculation. Balloon payments, Loan calculator, interest calculator, accelerated payments,Auto insurance calculations & amortization schedule. This is a free ware financial application. This is setup.exe file and this application software will help you to plan your financial payments according to your means and helps you to meet the deadlines.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

personal Financial management software for symbian, Nokia 5800 N97 phones

This software allows you to keep the record of your daily micro and macro transaction.  It allows to keep the record of bank accounts utility bills, auto insurance payments, tax payments and daily odd costs. This mobile pone software allows you to track your investments and loans payments. If you want to  run the application in full screen mode go to settings –> (then to) Application Manager –> (then to) Installed Apps –> (then to) JapbLite –> (then to) Options –> (then to) Suite Settings and here turn of the On-Screen Keyboard, you can customize the settings of software. Download personal Financial management software for Symbian, Nokia 5800 N97 phones



Download Family guide to teen drivers safety

This file that is available for download is necessary for driving safety related to teen drivers. Safety is better than cure. We have learned much about Teen Driver Safety during the past decade.We can now say with confidence there are specific, proven safety benefits from a variety of best practices that together
make up what we know as Graduated Driver Licensing or GDL.