Saturday, July 23, 2011

Financial calculations on your windows PC & mobile Loan, payments, Auto Insurance

Download Application that assist you in your financial calculation. Balloon payments, Loan calculator, interest calculator, accelerated payments,Auto insurance calculations & amortization schedule. This is a free ware financial application. This is setup.exe file and this application software will help you to plan your financial payments according to your means and helps you to meet the deadlines.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

personal Financial management software for symbian, Nokia 5800 N97 phones

This software allows you to keep the record of your daily micro and macro transaction.  It allows to keep the record of bank accounts utility bills, auto insurance payments, tax payments and daily odd costs. This mobile pone software allows you to track your investments and loans payments. If you want to  run the application in full screen mode go to settings –> (then to) Application Manager –> (then to) Installed Apps –> (then to) JapbLite –> (then to) Options –> (then to) Suite Settings and here turn of the On-Screen Keyboard, you can customize the settings of software. Download personal Financial management software for Symbian, Nokia 5800 N97 phones



Download Family guide to teen drivers safety

This file that is available for download is necessary for driving safety related to teen drivers. Safety is better than cure. We have learned much about Teen Driver Safety during the past decade.We can now say with confidence there are specific, proven safety benefits from a variety of best practices that together
make up what we know as Graduated Driver Licensing or GDL. 


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

buying used car, previous insurance records

Insurance records are the property of insurance holder, If you want to buy a used vehicle you can not access its previous insurance records of damage, service and repair with reference from insurance records. Auto Insurance Records are protected under State and Federal Privacy law and property owner insurance holder even after the expiration or termination of insurance policy. In case auto sale the new owner can not get any insurance benefit from Insurance policy of previous car owner, Also Any coverage or compensation that insurance company paid to a previous owner would not be extended to the new owner of car as the new owner of car  was not an insured owner  and did not have a financial interest in the car  prior to the purchase of discussed car.New can not get any benefit from previous owners insurance policy and also do not liable to any negative situation associated with previous owner. Previous company or insurers obligations was to the previous insured owner only. according to the law Those obligations ceased when the policy expired, terminated or when the car was sold to another new owner.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Insuring other person's car

You can insure the vehicle registered  or owned by someone else. It is allowed by law. Common scenario is when one of parents allow their child who have valid driving license to drive car owned by parent. But ask him or her to insure that car. Means car is owned by dad or mom and insured on son or daughter's name. Compensation of insurance claim can only be received by lawful owner of the property or any agent designated by the owner. If you are insuring other person's property the list all the drivers who are expected to drive the car for liability purpose only list owner for property interest. For insuring another persons property you should have an insurable interest in property, without having insurable interest in property of someone else it is illegal to insure other persons property and car.

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getting Auto Insurance before moving to the states

For getting Auto insurance in an state of USA one must have a valid address in that state. As long as you have valid address in that state you can get your car insured from any company of your choice. Insurance companies do not look for you have moved or not but they look for a valid address. So you have moved in the state or not but If you have address in that state.

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Auto financing and auto insurance must be on same name

Every Auto financing or loan provider requires the applicant to fully cover the risk associated with auto being financed. Full risk coverage is needed by the same person who applied for financing. The full coverage should be for the period until the loan expires. Failure in terms of providing full insurance coverage puts the borrower in default by law.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Auto Insurance with Driving Learners Permit

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Car Insurance on parents name

Auto insurance can be on parents name. People use insurance on their parents name in case they are not fully independent, minor or living with parents. You must be a scheduled driver means you should have a valid driving license or meet the criteria. It is not possible to drive a car on parents insurance policy and you are not a listed or scheduled driver in policy. Some insurance companies list all the people living in house of insured as Households except they left the house or do not have valid driving license. spouse will be eliminated valid divorce degree.

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Insurance Coverage Under Family Members Insurance, When Driving their car

If another driver is driving car then he or she must be listed and scheduled as covered driver in the auto insurance policy agreement for full coverage. If the driver is not listed in policy then If permissive use was not in violation of the law or the auto insurance contract benefits can be given. But it varies from state to state. Insurance laws varies from state to state. You must confirm and discuss this thing with your auto insurance provider. If you have the policy and not clear about another driver driving your car you must discuss this thing with your auto insurance agent.
You should inquire your agent find in insurance policy agreement about visiting guests, family members, occasional & unexpected drivers and auto Insurance coverages clauses about them. In some states if unexpected driver who may be your friend or realities visiting you may claim for liability but this law is different in different states. You can also upgrade your insurance policy according to your needs and available budget but the idea is to always have latest information about what type and intensity of risk is covered in your policy. Some inquire you while making policy agreement about named and possible drivers but not all. It is better to schedule an additional driver named if you think some of your family member or any person may driver your car at any stage in passage of policy time. You have to include your child in insurance policy if he drive your car occasional. Some of your relatives who do not have valid driving license or do not meet their their underwriting criteria can not be added as scheduled or listed drivers.

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Cost of Auto Insurance & Driving tickets from other States.

Traffic departments of all the states in USA are now connected with central communication system. If you violate a law in any state and got the traffic ticket it will soon be entered in traffic database and your record will be available in every state. So the driving tickets from any state will increase the cost of your auto insurance. Because insurance companies look for the law violations and consider a person with with bad traffic records as high risk driver and total cost insurance and insurance premium will also rise directly with rise in no. of traffic tickets. One more thing if you have insurance policy or not if default a traffic ticket in another state then your driving license will be canceled if it is issued from any state. Sometime you got traffic ticket and it is not listed in your record. that is because of some states do not report traffic tickets to central database and licensing authorities. It depends upon insurance company how much to increase cost associated with driving ticket issued from any state.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Using Parent's Insurance Policy to cover your car

You can drive a car that is listed with your name in your parents Insurance policy. Your name should be present in policy of your parents as covered driver. If your vehicle is not covered in your parents policy and mentioned then vehicle is not covered with your parents auto insurance policy.

You can have a car on your name covered under your parents insurance policy.

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Buying Auto Insurance, Important Factors To Be Considered

There are many factors to be considered before buying an auto insurance. Always take a look at insurance policy agreement because there are many hidden factors in the policy statement which can effect amount of premium. These factors include How old are you, where you live, your current status in country,  How old is your car, do you have any other insurance coverages, Your traffic record, Your credit history, Safety features in your auto, Consumer rating of company, amount of total risk coverage, did you leased/financed or buy car.

  • -your age
  • -your  traffic record
  • -Leased/ Financed/ Buy
  • -manufacturing year of car
  • -Consumer rating of company
  • -Safety features in your car
  • -you are resident or on visa
  • -Amount of total risk coverage
  • -other insurances coverages you have

Selecting suitable auto Insurance company is very important factor that affects what you are going to pay and what you are going to get. Many companies gives insurance quote online. It is bettter to search both online and offline for Insurance quotes with available discounts. Also bargain for discounts because there is
possibility of some percentage in the hand of agent to increase sales.

Always check the consumer rating of company you selected for your auto insurance coverages. It is much better option to put in your decision process and rate it while selecting company. Do not give less points to consumer ratings and more points to prices because selecting a bad rated company with low rates will not always let you in beneficial position. selecting a bad consumer rated company you can get NO to your insurance claims
Auto Insurance providers in Canada
Auto Insurance companies in USA
Legal requirements of Auto Insurance USA

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Difference Between Financing and leasing

Financing and leasing are both the same things in a way but slightly differ in procedures and liabilities. For example Financing a car means bank buy a car car and rent it to you on installments and down payment. At the end when yo pays off the amount bank paid to car dealer plus interest then bank deliver the ownership of car on your name. Auto leasing is in a way easy as compared to auto financing.
Auto Leasing needs comparatively less down payment and monthly installments. Leasing bound you in a contract to drive limited amount of miles for auto to be driven during lease term. Leasing needs a good credit history to be approved for lease. Auto Leasing or leasing of any other asset needs higher and much stronger auto insurance coverage. This amount of  auto insurance is more than if you buy a auto on cash. With a lease of 3 years it have the advantage of warranty and less depreciation. Auto leasing needs a balloon payment at the end if you want to own a car.

Auto leasing is suitable for countries where used car prices go down with the passage of time. Where car depreciates quickly leasing is good option. But where used car prices do not depreciate much and it is possible to sell cars with less depreciation after 3 or above years It better to go for car financing

Auto Leasing advantages

-Drive a new car in manufacturers warranty with less than buying a car
-Less Down payment
-less installments

Disadvantages of Auto Leasing

-Mileage restriction
-Ballon payment at the end if you want to Own car

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