Sunday, July 3, 2011

Insurance Coverage Under Family Members Insurance, When Driving their car

If another driver is driving car then he or she must be listed and scheduled as covered driver in the auto insurance policy agreement for full coverage. If the driver is not listed in policy then If permissive use was not in violation of the law or the auto insurance contract benefits can be given. But it varies from state to state. Insurance laws varies from state to state. You must confirm and discuss this thing with your auto insurance provider. If you have the policy and not clear about another driver driving your car you must discuss this thing with your auto insurance agent.
You should inquire your agent find in insurance policy agreement about visiting guests, family members, occasional & unexpected drivers and auto Insurance coverages clauses about them. In some states if unexpected driver who may be your friend or realities visiting you may claim for liability but this law is different in different states. You can also upgrade your insurance policy according to your needs and available budget but the idea is to always have latest information about what type and intensity of risk is covered in your policy. Some inquire you while making policy agreement about named and possible drivers but not all. It is better to schedule an additional driver named if you think some of your family member or any person may driver your car at any stage in passage of policy time. You have to include your child in insurance policy if he drive your car occasional. Some of your relatives who do not have valid driving license or do not meet their their underwriting criteria can not be added as scheduled or listed drivers.

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