Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cost of Auto Insurance & Driving tickets from other States.

Traffic departments of all the states in USA are now connected with central communication system. If you violate a law in any state and got the traffic ticket it will soon be entered in traffic database and your record will be available in every state. So the driving tickets from any state will increase the cost of your auto insurance. Because insurance companies look for the law violations and consider a person with with bad traffic records as high risk driver and total cost insurance and insurance premium will also rise directly with rise in no. of traffic tickets. One more thing if you have insurance policy or not if default a traffic ticket in another state then your driving license will be canceled if it is issued from any state. Sometime you got traffic ticket and it is not listed in your record. that is because of some states do not report traffic tickets to central database and licensing authorities. It depends upon insurance company how much to increase cost associated with driving ticket issued from any state.

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